Long-term value
creation for all

From day one, our core values have served as the foundation
of our business and continue to drive us forward today.

Our Values

From our leadership to our frontline teams – our values define our culture

Fostering strong relationships

Our relationships are built on trust and reliability

Maintaining agility

We embrace change with flexibility and responsiveness

Prioritizing people

We approach everyone with openness, honesty, and respect

Embracing collaboration

There’s no place for ego here – ours is a shared success

Commitment To Our People

We take care of our people and our communities

Our employees and customers form the foundation of our business and we’re continuously taking measures to create a positive environment and give back to the communities we serve.

Diversity and Inclusion Council

Launched with sponsorship from members of our Board of Directors to ensure we have the resources to appropriately address racial and social issues

Partnership with NAMI

Committed to being a StigmaFree Company by partnering with the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Working with non-profits

Led by our Diversity and Inclusion Council, we identify and contribute to organizations supporting vulnerable communities annually

Commitment To The Environment

Protecting our most vulnerable
stakeholder: the planet

We make a conscious effort every day to ensure that our planet and environment can thrive in the long-term.

Maintain a Carbon Management Program and measure initiatives on reducing our carbon footprint

Continually reduce our energy consumption using automated LED lighting, upgraded mechanical systems and centralized HVAC controls

Offer flexible working arrangements for nearly one-third of our workforce which results in a meaningful reduction in water, waste, and energy consumption annually

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